660 MW – NTPC Solapur Project, India

DEE undertook a challenging project in collaboration with BGR to their client NTPC. NTPC is India’s largest conglomerate built with the sole aim to accelerate the power development in India. BGR was entrusted with the task of supplying boilers while DEE was delegated to supplying different types of piping for two super critical projects i.e. 660 MW power plants.

The Process:

BGR prepared the layout drawing for the power plant which was provided to DEE. DEE’s engineers at Chennai prepared a detailed engineering layout which comprised of the complete details of pipe fittings. This was DEE’s first experience with pipe thickness up to 110 mm in P-91 grade which was a challenge executed flawlessly.

The order for Sholapur was given in August 2013 which was completed in less than two year in March 2015. There were a few add-ons in the initial requirements as to the quantity was increased but we delivered well before the prescribed time frame. Meja was a repeat of Sholapur with similar requirements which was completed in December 2015. BGR awarded us this project during which Tata consultancy was their consultant.

The order was executed well before time despite an initial requirements change and criticality of the project. Time saved was close to one and a half months which is a big amount. NTPC commended DEE’s workmanship and the quality supplied. For both the power plants i.e. Sholapur and Meja, 3600 tonnes (1800 tonnes each) was delivered to NTPC. The piping has been erected at site and a hydro test has been conducted. Hydro test is basically performed at an initial level to ensure the working of the erected establishment. DEE did not receive a single complaint from its client which is a commendable feat.

Challenges Faced:

Some of the challenges face during these project included delivering 400-450 tonnes per month which was a big target. On one particular occasion NTPC requested DEE to deliver a whopping 300 tonnes in a single day which was achieved by DEE’s engineers without a sweat as DEE’s policy of customer is always right is followed religiously.

Our Representative:

The Project Manager was Mr. Lalit waghwa under whose leadership we delivered excellent results, the Production lead was Mr. H.C.Maurya without whose expertise this wouldn’t be possible and last but not the least Mr Nibhaya Sharma who took care of the quality for which we received laurels from the team at NTPC.

DEE has yet again proven its commitment to client and quality keeping in mind the time frame. We hope this association goes a long way..