Most Trusted Shop Fabricated Piping Systems

Pipe fabrication is the process of cutting, bevelling, and welding piping components such as pipes, tees, elbows, flanges, reducers, and other piping components according to design documentation. Piping fabrication is a key operation in the process plants, power plants, marine/offshore projects and oil & gas plants piping industries because it includes hundreds of components, thousands of stages, and a high level of accuracy.

Pipe fabrication must be correctly planned, scheduled, and completed as per design specifications in any construction project involving pipe networks. It is necessary to achieve optimum quality of work during pipe manufacturing in order to preserve system integrity, correct functioning of each component, and reduce accidents.

Depending on the location of the pipe fabrication work they are classified into two groups. Shop Pipe Fabrication and Field Pipe Fabrication.

Several factors influence whether pipes are produced in a shop or in the field, or whether both methods are employed. Both shop and field pipe fabrication is employed in the majority of situations. Profitability, project kind and scale, pipe material and size, post-fabrication surface treatment, environmental conditions, equipment accessibility, qualified staff availability, the time required and availability, and other factors all play a role.

Pipe, fittings, and components are welded into spool assemblies at the fabricator's plant or a workshop known as a pipe fabrication shop in the Shop pipe fabrication process. After that, the spools are labelled with identification and sent to the job site for installation. In contrast, in-field pipe fabrication, all of these assemblies are completed on the job site.

In 1983, Chairman and Managing Director Mr K.L. Bansal, together with a team of two technocrats, created DEE Piping Systems, incorporated as DEE Development Engineers Limited. DEE has grown in the wide sector of piping engineering and fabrication during the last three decades, led by executives with a daring and strong entrepreneurial vision.