An Era of Oil and Gas Piping Systems

Petroleum has always been a valuable fuel for all countries. All petroleum refineries, which essentially belong to the oil and gas refinery industry, mostly use carbon steel and stainless steel piping. With the demand for petroleum products, oil and natural gas increasing with every passing day, the future of this industry seems bright.

Especially, in countries like Japan, India, etc., the oil refinery sector is sure to experience a surge in volume in the coming years. The government of India has already allocated more funds for the development of this sector intending to invest almost $206 billion over the next 10 years.

This means, India will have several more oil refineries at different locations and the existing plants will undergo expansion. Therefore, every unit, new or old, will require more fabricated oil and gas piping spools to keep the refineries up and going efficiently.

Fabrication of Pipe Spools Benefits

For several industries, including oil and gas refineries, piping spools remain critical. Fabricated pipe spools are more in demand these days. These include a plethora of pipes and pipe fittings such as elbows, flanges, tees, etc.

The reason most industries prefer using fabricated spools remains their easy assembly process. When it comes to extending an existing piping system in an oil refinery, fabricated piping spools make the entire process less time-consuming and hassle-free.

Even for the new refineries, fabricated spools mean low cost and faster installation. On-site piping system construction takes several days and the entire production unit or refinery has to remain out of work for as many days.

This could be a source of substantial loss for the organizations. With fabricated spools, prolonged downtimes become unnecessary. Therefore, many oil and gas projects prefer to use shop fabricated spools.

Customisation-Friendly Process

Prefabricated piping spools manufacturers offer customisation options that fit the diverse requirements of individual industries. Even two oil refineries might have unique piping setups and requirements. The availability of bespoke or made-to-order piping solutions makes installation entirely hassle-free.

When the manufacturers have the precise details of every tee and flange needed to match the existing set of pipes, they can opt for bulk manufacturing which, in turn, reduces overall cost. Additionally, the fittings featuring perfect measurements and bend angles fit the piping environment perfectly.

Therefore, the manufacturers get a highly productive piping setup without experiencing the hazard of on-site construction. Consequently, most industries, looking for customised piping projects, rely on prefabricated piping spools.

The oil and refinery industry is sure to experience a boom in the next few years across the world. From the USA to Japan, and Australia, every nation will experience more demand for this fossil fuel in the long run.

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