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Flour Oil and Gas consultancy firm

Flour – Oil and Gas consultancy firm

DEE being a well-known brand in the piping industry was awarded a challenging project by Flour, a renowned Oil and Gas consultancy firm. To be associated with Flour required an initial inspection of our plant and an audit by Flour’s representatives. In Jan 2014, a team from Flour visited our factory and they were quite [...]

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660 MW NTPC Solapur Project India

660 MW – NTPC Solapur Project, India

DEE undertook a challenging project in collaboration with BGR to their client NTPC. NTPC is India’s largest conglomerate built with the sole aim to accelerate the power development in India. BGR was entrusted with the task of supplying boilers while DEE was delegated to supplying different types of piping for two super critical projects i.e. [...]

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