Design & Engineering Services By DEE

Most industries in the modern world rely on efficient piping solutions for smooth operations. Especially, when it comes to manufacturing and processing units, a systematic piping arrangement is a must for optimum productivity. DEE is a famous piping fabricator in India with a varied range of piping solutions fit for an equally diverse range of industries.

From oil and natural gas units to petrochemical refineries, from defence projects to automobile and fertilizer manufacturing units, these piping fittings remain equally significant and useful. Here are a few factors that contribute to DEE’s edge in this domain.

Materials Used By DEE

DEE never compromises with the quality of materials used for manufacturing their varied range of pipe spools. As one of the leaders of the shop fabricated piping industry, DEE uses superior quality, durable materials like alloy steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel for making piping fittings.

As a result, when you purchase any pipe fitting from DEE’s collection, quality and resilience remain guaranteed. No matter how harsh or inconvenient the production process is, DEE’s range of products always withstands the challenge.

Advanced Technology

DEE believes in offering clients only the best piping solutions. Therefore, they always integrate the latest and the highest level of technology available in the market at a certain time. Induction bending is one such method that makes each of the DEE’s piping bends accurate and precise.

Additionally, it also offers the liberty to customize a bend depending on the specific requirements of a factory or processing unit. DEE is a reputed piping system company that makes sure that each of its products comes out to be perfect and flawless. Therefore, the spools pass through stringent quality testing before entering the supply chain.

Variety of Products

DEE has a plethora of industry-relevant piping spools that several industries find essential. The following is the list of piping fittings and services offered by this market leader.

  • Shop Fabricated Spools: The shop-fabricated piping spools feature bespoke designs based on the unique requirement of a factory setup. Therefore, all industries find these spools perfect for their existing piping systems.
  • Modular Piping: Modular piping is another excellent solution offered by DEE. For extension of existing piping solutions, this one can be extremely useful for any industry.
  • Fabricated Hangers: DEE also manufactures and supplies a wide range of meticulously designed hangers. These structures help the piping system withstand dynamic and static loading conditions. Therefore, the overall service life of the piping system enhances.
  • Pipe Fittings: DEE has a wide variety of piping fittings to offer. From bends, Tees, or Y- joints, you will find all varieties of piping fitting suitable for industrial purposes.
  • Engineering Services: DEE has a team of experienced and knowledgeable engineers aware of the latest design software modules like Auto CAD, PDMS, etc. They also offer 3D modelling and follow all the standard rules and protocols thoroughly.

DEE Piping Systems is one of the most reliable shop-fabricated piping fittings manufacturers in India. You can check their extensive collection and high-standard production specifications before ordering.

The company never deviates from a single production process protocol set by the national and international authorities for the safety of the industries. Its uncompromised quality and technically efficient piping solutions have made it one of the leaders in the shop fabrication piping industry.