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The process of cutting, beveling, and welding piping elements such as Pipes, Tees, Flanges, Elbows, Reducers, and other piping parts in accordance with design documentation is known as Pipe Fabrication.

Because it involves large numbers of components, multitudes of stages, and a high degree of accuracy, piping fabrication is a critical function in the Power Industries, Process Units, Marine/Offshore Developments, Nuclear, Petrochemicals and Oil & Gas Industrial Piping Systems

In every construction undertaking involving pipe networks, pipe fabrication must be properly planned, arranged, and finished in accordance with design specifications. To maintain system integrity, ensure the proper functioning of each element, and reduce accidents. Optimum quality of work must be achieved during the manufacturing of Shop Fabrication of Piping Systems.

Types of Pipe Fabrications

According to the location where the pipe fabrication process takes place, they are classified into two categories. These are; field pipe fabrication and shop pipe fabrication.

There are several factors that influence whether the shop or field method of industrial piping system will be used. Both methods are employed in most construction assignments. Elements such as profitability, scope of the project, availability of competent staff, environmental factors and equipment availability play a major role in deciding the type of pipe fabrication to be selected.

What is Shop Fabrication?

Pre-fabricated industrial piping systems or shop fabricated piping systems are provided to the customer by assembling the piping components like Pipes, fittings and flanges together in the Fabrication Shop. Field fabrication, on the other hand, requires crafting the piping on the job site.

How is Shop Fabrication Beneficial to Construction Projects?

Field fabrication poses some serious limitations for the projects and the quality of the piping. Therefore more people are opting for shop fabrication these days. Here are some crucial reasons why Shop Fabrication is better than conventional Field fabrication.

The process of field fabrication comes with some visible limitations for the project and the level of the piping technologies used. Due to these restricting limitations, more people are choosing shop fabrication over field fabrication. Here are some compelling reasons why shop fabrication is better than field fabrication:

1) Decreases the Overall Required Cost

In comparison to field fabrication, the shop fabrication piping industry has increased the process efficiency and reliability. As a result, expenses have been reduced. Aside from the lower cost per unit, more piping can be produced in the same amount of time, further lowering costs and accelerating production.

2) Minimized the Number of Workplace Disruptions

Construction sites are always bustling with work and are busy at all times. During these times, field fabrication can result in workplace disputes and hinder the harmony of workers. This is where shop fabrication is a better alternative to improve on-site productivity.

3) Results in Zero Delays Due to Weather

The fabrication work can suffer in case of unfavourable weather conditions. To avoid those circumstances, shop fabrication becomes essential. In the process of shop fabrication, weather poses no threat to the integrity of the work.

Final Thoughts

The importance of quality pipe fabricating is clear to every construction worker. After weighing in several aspects of your project, you can better decide on a fabrication method.

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