Flour - Oil and Gas consultancy firm

DEE being a well-known brand in the oil & gas piping industry was awarded a challenging project by Flour, a renowned Oil and Gas consultancy firm. To be associated with Flour required an initial inspection of our plant and an audit by Flour’s representatives. In Jan 2014, a team from Flour visited our factory and they were quite impressed with our facility and processes. Soon after, the audit started as it was a pre-requirement to be there vendor.

The Project:

The client for whom DEE was enlisted as a trusted vendor was Forthills Suncorp. Reps from the client side also visited and inspected our facility. The entire process took 6 months and finally on July 24, 2014 DEE got the order. The order involved pre-fabricated oil & gas piping as per the design provided for an oil extraction plant in Canada. The average extraction rate was supposed to be 350 barrels per day.

Requirements and Challenges:

The client had very specific requirements for pre-fabricated oil & gas piping as the environment in which the plant was supposed to operate had -35 degree Celsius temperature. Regular material could not be used for such harsh weather so a special grade material was developed specifically for this project. The engineers at DEE identified appropriate vendors for sourcing of materials, developed in-house welding process for this material and set-up the entire procurement process.

Another big challenge faced by DEE was of the CRN number. CRN stands for Canada Registration Number and it is mandatory for a company to have CRN if it is supposed to supply any material to Canada. DEE applied for a CRN and was awarded the same as per process. The quantum involved in this project was large which our engineers successfully delivered.

This project was completed in December 2016 as per schedule and the client appreciated our performance throughout the project.

Our Team:

This project manager for this project was Mr Anil Ratra under whose guidance the team delivered impeccable results. A very big support was Mr. Sukhdeep Singh without whose tireless efforts this project would not have been a success.