Increased Use Of Pre-Fabricated Piping

Piping solutions remain one of the primary and critical infrastructural requirements for several industries. Prefabricated piping spools have become one of the most extensively used varieties over the last few years.

Shop-fabricated piping solutions refer to spools manufactured under a single factory shed equipped with advanced manufacturing facilities. The pre-fabricated spools undergo stringent manufacturing processes like, cutting, forming, bevelling, welding, testing, coating, insulation, final assembling and quality control –all in close monitoring at a single unit.

Therefore, all the spools come out to be durable, precise, and ideal for different factory setups. From defence project requirements to oil and gas plants, these piping solutions find extensive application for the following reasons.

Stringent Health And Safety Guidelines(quality assurance)

When it comes to maintaining health and safety norms, the manufacturing units of shop-fabricated piping spools follow every regulation by test.

Especially branded manufacturers like DEE Piping Solutions abide by all the standards and protocols required to ensure manufacturing units’ and the workers’ health and safety. All compliant to the ASME’s requirements.

Therefore, all fabricated spools manufactured by DEE remain excellent in quality. Additionally, the customisation options make the production of tailor-made spools possible.

Reduced Onsite Requirements

Fabricated piping spools come ready for application directly. This means you can install the parts directly without going through the hassle of manufacturing them onsite. High accuracies on specified tolerances will avoid rework at site.

Therefore, the plants do not have to deploy the manpower and the machinery they otherwise had to use for producing fitting piping solutions. Prefabricated Spools will take lesser fabrication / assembly time, thereby avoiding time and cost overruns. Most branded spool manufacturers offer custom-made spools that fit perfectly with an existing setup.

Hence, for expansion requirements, most industries find these flexible varieties more useful. This is why piping fabrication has gained enormous popularity over the last few years.

Lower Costs and Project Risk

As already mentioned, shop-fabricated spools come ready for installation. Therefore, the additional hiring of labour and machines for making the spools on-site now remains out of question.

This has made the entire process of piping solution manufacturing more economic for all industries. No matter if an enterprise is building a new industrial set-up for processing, manufacturing or expanding an existing one, prefabricated spools always cut down costs. Therefore, the profit margins of the units go up invariably.


Due to the above-mentioned benefits, a wide spectrum of industries finds shop-fabricated piping spools extremely useful for their processes. The following industries use these piping solutions for various requirements.

  • Oil Field
  • Offshore
  • Water System
  • Shipbuilding
  • Natural Gas
  • Electric Power
  • Pipeline Projects

A plethora of other industries also use these solutions for smooth and leakage-proof operations. Pipe spools create great advantages because they reduce the limitations of space on site. With this advantage, all of the pipeline using industries have a great opportunity to increase their pipeline system efficiency and decrease their need for workforce and time.

DEE Piping Solutions is one of the most renowned names in the field of prefabricated piping spool manufacturing. Their specialist fabricators work under defined set of quality management criteria to ensure the accuracy of fabrication in order to achieve the proper fit at site and to maintain the required technical parameters defined by the client. Their team of expert engineers make sure that every flange, bend, and Tee remains suitable for specific manufacturing environments.

DEE’s range of induction bends remains available in several angles, bends and fixtures that are perfect for unusual piping arrangements. DEE always abides by the norms of DIN, ASME, and Indian Boiler Regulations.

Carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel are a few varieties of materials used for these spools. Therefore, DEE’s collection of shop-fabricated piping solutions remains durable and ideal for robust operating industries.