The new brand identity has derived its inspiration from a multitude of elements. DEE has established itself in the field of piping solutions over a long period of 3 decades. With such a strong legacy standing behind the organization, the identity of the brand must be reflective of what the organization has achieved and what it can for years to come and till eternity.

The new identity incorporates/looks like a circle which is a depiction of how DEE encompasses all spheres of business solutions and the openness of the symbol reflects the foray into newer fields. Circular logo is also a symbolic representation of wheel which reflects brand’s forward motion and competitive spirit in all of its action. The circular shape also reflects the aspirations of the brand to emerge as a market leader and the most trusted name in the manufacturing industry. The placement of the letter ‘d’ in the center of the circular symbol portrays how every business that DEE endeavors into is governed and guided strongly by the core values and business strengths that it has emanating from the center.

The new identity also indicates a progressive cycle – a cycle of progressive growth, vision and diversification- keeping the core of DEE intact. The entire symbolization keeps in mind DEE’s critical element – the pipes – which are bent to represent the organization’s focal product line – pipes of different shapes. This also goes onto show that DEE is open to challenges and new avenues by stressing on the flexibility factor. The symbolization also captures the letters ‘d’ and ‘p’ inside the core both in empty spaces and solid fill. The color maroon is quintessential of a richness of character and maturity of approach which goes well with how DEE has moved into new business opportunities and made the best decisions to steer its growth further.

Tag Line: All of these elements come to a full circle with the tagline “Piping Possibilities…”. It emphasizes on DEE innovation, growth and diversity. The ellipsis/dots further accentuates how DEE has diversified its product portfolio and catering to a diverse set of industries. “Piping Possibilities…” also communicates the attitude of the brand to cater the requirements of the customers which can have endless possibilities with the frequently changing time and market requirements.

The new identity along with the tagline is the true representation of what DEE stands for in the market and in the eye of the different stakeholders associated with this brand including employees, Investors, Promoters, Customers and society.

Dee Piping systems has recently undergone a branding exercise under which it has has developed its New strategy, Identity, Naming and Product Sub brands. Since the establishment of the company, DEE has opened multiple international offices and has developed a diverse product portfolio catering to the large set of diverse industries.



  • Over the last few years, Dee realized the importance of a global outlook and a unified communication across several channels.
  • Offering several services but were inefficient in communication of the same
  • Were lacking a global outlook in terms of collaterals, Identity and website
  • Wanted to position our self as a complete Piping Solution provider
  • Unable to highlight our achievements, strengths and capability
  • Dee was not able to communicate its vision and Promises

Over the period of last six months, a rigorous branding exercise took place within the organization during which several employees were interviewed. Apart from new identity, Dee repositioned itself as a complete Piping System provider rather than merely a Pipe Manufacturer. We have also gone under a massive restructuring within the organization, making our systems and processes efficient than before.

As the outcome of the branding exercise, we have got our new name “Dee Piping Systems” as our old brand name “DEE Development Engineers” does not communicate our strengths, business line and offerings to the market.

Our new Tagline “Piping Possibilities” also communicate our aspirations and thoughts in terms of our capability. We hope that our new identity will be liked by our customers and Visitors.

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