Modular Rack System vs Conventional Systems

Modular rack systems have emerged as a popular choice over the last few years. As technology and engineering became advanced, modular piping racks began to outshine the prosperity of conventional racks. Almost all industries today prefer using modular racks. Here are a few aspects that explain the sudden rise in popularity of modular racks.

Easier To Install

Modular piping solutions are always easier to install compared to their conventional counterparts. Due to the simple design, need-specific structures and customised build, these racks fit any industrial environment effortlessly. The prefabricated modular racks feature the exact measurements required for a flawless fitting with the existing piping system.

Therefore, for the up-gradation of the rack piping facilities and installation of new piping systems, these racks work equally efficiently. Installing these racks does not take as much time as the conventional ones. A few people with the relevant knowledge can install any volume of these racks minus any hassle.

More Time Saving And Cost Saving

Since modular racks take lesser time to install, these alternatives undoubtedly exceed the conventional racks by several notches. Industries always prefer using fittings and infrastructural facilities that will not cause substantial business downtime. Additionally, these racks also require limited manpower for installation.

Therefore, the cost the industries used to bear for engaging many people for on-site construction of modular piping solutions is not necessary here. Hence, there is no denying that modular racks benefit businesses financially in more ways than one. Therefore, modular racks are always a better choice than conventional ones.

Safer For All Industries

For any industry and its operational units, safety remains one of the primary concerns. If a setup is cost-saving, and time-saving, but not safe, operation units will hesitate to accept it. Thanks to the excellent construction and custom-made self-aligning lugs, modular racks come with no such limitations.

On the contrary, these piping fitting systems work better than conventional racks when it comes to safety. For extension projects, the manufacturers of these piping racks focus on the specifications of the existing unit. These measurements make sure that rack construction follows the requirements thoroughly. As a result, the scope of a misfit gets obliterated. Hence, modular racks are ideal and safe for all industries.

More Productive Than Conventional Piping

Modular rack manufacturing generally follows a simple fabrication method with high precision. The reputed manufacturers always use high-grade materials for these racks. Hence, industries always get modular rack piping systems that perform optimally.

Since customisation is almost a regular thing for these racks, the manufacturers keep the working environment of the piping systems in mind to make durable and high-resilience modular racks. On the other hand, the conventional racks do not follow customised making for which some may be inappropriate for a few extreme conditions of the project outlets.

Besides all these prominent advantages, modular racks also feature materials that are eco-friendly. Therefore, selecting modular racks means choosing a greener option and leaving fewer carbon footprints.

DEE Piping Systems is one of the most acclaimed names in the market of modular piping solutions. These racks can be an ideal fitting for a wide variety of industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, and more.