Shop Fabricated Pipe Spools

DEE provides end to end piping systems solution ranging from design, engineering, procurement, shop fabrication to supply as per ASME, DIN, Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) / other third party inspection / approval as applicable for carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel pipe spools for Power, Oil & Gas, Process and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) piping systems. The company also supplies gas and steam turbine (onbase and off-base) piping systems.

DEE has installed manufacturing capacity of 34,000 MT/Year.

  • 300,000 MT of Pipe fabrication Experience of over three decades
  • Above 15,000 MT of P91 and P92 as well as 1500 MT of WB 36 Experience
  • State of the Art Infrastructure with complete In-house manufacturing and quality testing
  • Fabrication capability of up to 2540 mm diameter and 150 mm thickness
  • Work on metals including alloy steel (P92, P91, P22, P5, P11, P12), Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and others
  • Orbital welding station for TIG welding capabilities
  • In-house Robotic Welding Technology
  • 100+ IBR certified welders
Product Portfolio

HRSG Piping, Power cycle Piping, Oil & Gas & Petrol Chemical Plant Piping, Boiler Integral Piping, Balance of Plant Piping, Gas Compressor Piping, Turbine Integral Piping, Riser & Downcomer Piping, Gas and Steam Turbine Piping, Cooling Water & Lube Oil Piping

  • Flour Canada WTDC – 150 MT
  • Fluor Fort Hills Energy LPU80 Project, Canada – 5000 MT
  • Fluor Lake Charles Chemical Project for Sasol Chemicals, LLC, USA – 3600 MT
  • Fluor Encana Cutbank Ridge Programme, Canada –1800 MT
  • Siemens 12000 MW Egyptian Projects (Benisuef, Burullus, New Capital), Egypt – 4735 MT
  • Siemens 1X700 MW Jebel Ali project, UAE – 1300 MT