Skid and Modular Piping

Industrial piping has come a long way crossing an extraordinary path of evolution. With the modern and advanced technology backing today’s industrial operations, piping engineering systems have also become more efficient and productive. Skid pipe consists of a product line which passes through the centre of a larger diameter steam line.

DEE Piping System is one of the most reputed names in the market in the field of prefabricated piping solutions. With its extensive collection of spools, fittings, and piping solutions, DEE stands apart from the rest of the crowd. Especially their skid and modular piping solution and skid piping solutions have cast an indelible mark on the industries.

From petrochemical plants to fertiliser manufacturing units, a plethora of critical industries find these piping solutions perfect for their operations.

Given the difference in the operation of these industries, the suitability of DEE’s pipe spools and modular piping systems proves their quality, adaptability, and service standards.

Modular Piping At DEE

All industries using piping solutions rely on modular piping today. DEE is one of the most reliable fabricated piping spool manufacturers with an ISO certification ensuring nothing short of the optimal quality standards.

From gas and steam turbine piping to modular varieties, DEE promises to offer nothing but the best quality piping engineering solutions. From refineries, petrochemical industries, and energy production units to natural gas plants and defence projects, these advanced modular skids, rack systems find extensive applications.

Compared to traditional solutions, modular and skid piping solutions come with several more beneficial features. DEE uses only the best quality carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloys for manufacturing durable, heat-resistant piping solutions capable of working in an extreme environment.

The best part about modular arrangements remains that industries can reassemble the old joints and piping parts depending on their changed requirements. Hence, low-cost maintenance and up-gradation opportunities come hand in hand with fabricated modular skids.

Even when the industry intends to expand its operations, adding new channels or installing a set of pipes becomes effortless with an existing modular piping solution.

DEE uses a variety of grades of Carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel for manufacturing these piping solutions.

Therefore, the industries get premium-grade products made to order. The customisation options available with DEE make sure that every manufacturing setup gets the precise fit for its existing piping system.

Modular piping systems are ideal for high-heat and high-pressure operation environments. The entire DEE piping fittings bear the certification of international and national quality standards.

DEE Piping Systems is one of the most reliable and reputed names in the field of piping spool and fittings manufacturing. Explore the exhaustive collection of DEE’s extraordinary range of products to order.