The DEE Difference

The differentiating factor which makes DEE stand apart worldwide can be summarized in the below mentioned points. Our facility and technology itself boast of a world class leader, and show that we are ready for new challenges which test us to our core. DEE difference is not only a term, DEE difference is an experience.

DEE Difference
  • 2 extensive facilities in India and Thailand catering to customers worldwide
  • Approx. 200,000 square meters of covered facility housing state of the art equipment
  • Our technological prowess: Induction bending technology, 2 Robotic welding machines
  • State of the art in house pipe fitting facility
  • NABL Accredited Testing Lab as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • Over 100 welding station combining Mechanized, Robotic, Automated, Semi Automated welding including GTAW, Orbital GTAW, GMAW, SAW, MCAW, FCAW, Orbital FCAW, SMAW, Plasma Welding.
  • 4 Furnaces and 10 mobile units for Post Weld Heat Treatment, Normalizing & Stress Relieving.
  • An exclusive cutting area working independently in the facility

Fabrication Facilities & Capacity:-

  • Tonnage: More than 55,000 MT/Year with fabrication facilities in India & Thailand
  • Welding capacity: 10,000 Inch–dia per day
  • Maximum Diameter Executed: Up to 100”
  • Exclusive Cutting Area in place
  • Implemented “above the floor” fabrication line
  • Pipe cutting equipment with capability to handle pipes up to 52” diameter
  • In house manufacturing of specialized machined components
  • Chemical Pickling and Passivation Facility
  • Semi-automatic Shot Blasting Machines
  • World-class Painting Facility
  • Dedicated Packaging Area
DEE Difference

Bending Facilities & Capacity:-

S. No. Make Min. Dia. Max. Dia. Max. Thickness Bending Radius Bending Angle Pipe Rotation Bending Capacity
1 COJAFEX (Holland) 2” 16” 60 mm 2032 mm 0°-180° 0°-360° 3000 MT/Year
2 AWS SCHAFFER (Germany) 8” 48” 120 mm 280 mm -6500 mm 0°-182° 0°-360° 6000 MT/Year

Fabrication Unit in India & Thailand:-

  • Total facility area – 200000 Sq. m
  • Covered area – 85,000Sq. m
  • Storage area – 50,000 Sq. m

Fitting Manufacturing Facilities & Capabilities:-

  • Fitting manufacturing capacity of more than 2,400 MT/Yr
  • Hot Pushing Mandrel Elbow Forming Machines with capacity up to 28″ (711 mm)
  • Cold Forming Fittings Machines complemented with Edge Preparation Machines up to 12”
  • Hydraulic Presses ranging from 150 MT to 3,000 MT
  • Hydro Forming Tee Presses having capacity up to 16 inches.

Heat Treatment Facilities & Capacity:-

  • Eight Furnaces (Max. Size 13.88 M X 2.8 M X 2.0 M) and temperature up to 1200 ⁰ C
  • Four Miller Induction equipment (Proheat 35), USA
  • Global heat treatment equipment, UK
  • Electric resistance facilities for Pre-Heating, Post-Heating and PWHT

NDE Facilities & Capacity:-

  • Phased Array
  • Computer Radiography
  • X-ray and Gamma facilities
  • UT/MT and PT facilities

Welding Facilities & Capacity:-

  • Capability to weld CS, AS, SS, Duplex Steel, Ni-based alloy
  • More than 250 WPS & PQR as per ASME, PED, EN 15614 and CWB
  • More than 185 welder qualified as per ASME, EN, PED, IBR and CWB
  • Capacity to weld up to 200 mm thickness without any dia. limitation
  • Welding process (GTAW, Orbital GTAW, GMAW, SAW, SMAW, FCAW, PAW, MCAW) with manual, semi-automatic, mechanised and fully mechanised welding
  • Two Automatic Robotic Welding Machines (Make: Lincoln, Migatronic)

IT Infrastructure:-

  • Microsoft Navision – ERP system to support efficient and effective project management, EPC Proman, etc.
  • PDMS (for plant layout)
  • Ceaser (for stress analysis )
  • Autocad and many other software