The Technologically Advanced Infrastructure of DEE

Infrastructure remains a primary requisite for running a business smoothly. When it comes to the oil and gas, power generation units, chemical manufacturing plants, etc., a strategically designed and high-quality piping system ensures glitch less operation.

DEE is one of the most renowned names in the market today for manufacturing shop-fabricated piping spools used by several industries extensively. As one of the most trusted piping fabricators in India, DEE promises to stand out in their manufacturing unit and its infrastructural specifications as well.

With a state-of-the-art infrastructural setup, DEE unit manufactures premium-grade piping spools ideal for a wide variety of industries.

DEE maintains a technologically advanced setup to support their multilateral spool manufacturing processes. This set up offers the industries a plethora of high-end piping solutions including induction bend spools, modular piping solutions, critical piping systems, pipe fittings, and more.

DEE has a sprawling area in Palwal District dedicated to manufacturing premium-grade piping solutions. The capacity of the unit is 36000 MT/ Year. Additionally; the company has its engineering office located in Chennai along with a worldwide nexus of marketing branches managed by efficient Marketing Professionals.

Therefore, DEE has local as well as global presence that cannot be overlooked. Here is a quick glance at the infrastructural specifications maintained by DEE that makes them one of the leaders in the market.

  • The fabrication units have a capacity of 75000 tonnes every year.
  • The advanced Induction bending methods used at DEE fabrication shops can bend up to 120mm thick walls and 48” pipes effortlessly.
  • DEE has a team of more than 250 professionals (both managers and engineers) with expertise and knowledge of the trade.
  • DEE has more than 185 welding stations including Robotic, Mechanised, Semi-Automated, and Automated, units that undertake GTAW, GMAW, SAW, FCAW, SMAW, and Plasma Cutting.
  • It also maintains six furnaces along with fifteen mobile units to manage Normalising, Post Weld Heat Treatment, and Stress Relieving.
  • The backend process of DEE uses an advanced ERP system to keep the entire production process streamlined and well-tracked.
  • The company has CWB Certification, ISO certification and NABL Accredited Lab.
  • DEE also has painting and controlled blasting facilities.
  • DEE’s set of machines also includes Hot Pushing Mandrel Elbow Forming Machines, Cold Forming Fittings Machines, Hydraulic Presses up to 4000 MT, Pipe Cutting Equipment, Hydro Forming Tee Presses, Semi-Automatic Shot Blasting Machines, etc.
  • The huge manufacturing units also keep a dedicated space for packaging.

Besides the above-mentioned facilities that make the manufacturing units of DEE piping the hubs for making global standard piping solutions, DEE also maintains a centralised area for pipe cutting. Two Robotic Welding machines add a touch of modern technology needed to pace up the production process.

With TFC at project sites and a plethora of other on-site and off-site facilities, DEE, as a piping fabrication company in India, surely stands taller than many others. Throughout its 40 years long journey, it has maintained and uplifted its facilities to catch up with the latest technologies and global benchmarks.

The effort the experts at DEE put in to manufacture every piece of piping solution precise, affordable, and ideal for harsh manufacturing conditions of various plants makes DEE’s range of products unmatched.