Why is Shop Fabrication Beneficial in the Piping Industry?

Pipe Fabrication is the process where components such as pipes, elbows, flanges and reducers are cut, bevelled and welded according to the design documents. The process of fabricated piping is essential in the construction and piping industry and involves numerous steps to ensure precision. There are two popular ways in which industrial piping can be fabricated. These are shop fabrication and field fabrication.

Shop Fabricated Piping or Pre-fabricated piping systems are delivered to the client as assemblies of pipes fitted together by the shop weld. Conversely, field fabrication involves assembling the piping on the work site.

Field fabrication poses some serious limitations for the projects and the quality of the piping. Therefore more people are shifting towards shop fabrication. Here are some crucial reasons why Shop Fabrication is better than conventional Field fabrication:

1) Improvement in Quality

In shop fabricated piping, the process is done in a controlled environment to provide the craftsmen with greater resources and enhanced working conditions. This enables them to produce efficient, consistent and top-notch results.

2) Lowers the Overall Cost

The Shop fabrication piping industry has boosted the reliability and efficiency of the process in comparison to field fabrication. Ultimately, this has led to lowered costs. In addition to the cost per unit being cheaper, more piping can be manufactured in the same period of time, which further lowers costs and accelerates production.

3) Elimination of Weather-Related Delays

One of the biggest merits of shop fabrication is that weather does not affect the process of piping fabrication. In the case of field fabrication, weather play a huge role in the development period. In case of unfavourable weather conditions, the work get delayed for weeks and at times, the quality had to be compromised. However, in the case of shop fabrication, it wouldn’t matter if the weather conditions get rough. This will also give the workers a better and cleaner environment to work in.

4) Minimized Disruptions in the Worksite

The advantages of shop fabrication in terms of cost, convenience, and safety benefit both the project and client as well as the fabricated piping project itself. The majority of industrial work sites are already extremely busy and hectic without adding a second team of people, their massive, heavy equipment, and materials. The principal job site will have fewer interruptions and less lost production if the process of fabrication is done off-site.

5) Higher Levels of Testing

A higher degree of precision and testing is necessary for the piping industry. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for shop fabrication. In the shop fabrication piping industry, the testing efficiency of piping made in an industrial facility can be controlled and rigorous, exceeding the majority of field - fabricated piping testing results. Furthermore, less expensive techniques can be employed to address any corrections required in case of items of concern.

There are many advantages that shop fabrication offers to industrial projects. Understanding these advantages and working with an experienced shop fabrication solutions provider will get you high- standard piping at a better price. DEE Piping System is a renowned firm with a rich experience of over three decades of providing top- notch shop fabrication piping services along with advanced welding solutions to several industrial sectors.