Bio Mass Based
Power Plants


At DEE Piping, we have always believed that recycling and reusing presents the most sustainable opportunity to tackle global environmental decay and challenges. With this strategic vision, and a combination of technical know-how, and industry insights, DEE forayed into bio-mass based power plants in the year 2005, and has since been operating an aggregate of 15 MW projects in the state of Punjab in India.

Malwa Power Private Ltd – a 7.5 MW biomass-based IPP, first of its kind in the state of Punjab, since April 2005 at Gulabewala village in Mukatsar district, Punjab

Dee Development Engineers Ltd – a 8 MW similar biomass-based plant at Gadadhob village in Ferozepur District since February, 2009

Both the plants use a variety of locally available bio-mass fuels including cotton sticks, mustard stalks, firewood and dried leaves of eucalyptus / poplar trees, wild plants, bushes and weeds, rice straw and husk, paddy waste, veneer waste, bhindi (lady’s finger) plant stalks, cow dung etc. ​ The use of such large quantity of agro residues have been helping local farmers with an additional income of at least INR 2500 to 3000 per acre of their cultivated land, in addition to the sustainable disposal of wastes.

Erected and commissioned within a span of 9 months from the date of starting the civil works, both the plants are located deep inside rural Punjab, and feed the rural electric grids.

Bio-Mass-Based Power Plants - Picture's