Shop Fabricated

Piping System

DEE provides end to end piping systems solution ranging from design, engineering, procurement, shop fabrication to supply as per ASME, DIN, Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR)/ other third-party inspection / approval as applicable for carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless-steel pipe spools for Power, Oil & Gas, Process and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) piping systems. The company also supplies gas and steam turbine (on-base and off-base) piping systems.

Piping System
  •   Four decades of proven track record in Piping Fabrication Industries.
  •   Project Management resource with experience in executing large and complex projects.
  •   Customer’s confidence expressed by Regular & Repeat order from Global and Domestic Giants in all sectors.
  •   Experience in exotic metallurgy such as Inconel/Monel, Hastelloy, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel.
  •   Fabrication capacity spread over four strategic locations in subcontinent of India and Thailand.
  •   Exclusive fabrication shops for Stainless Steel material.
  •   Skilled work force comprising of >150 Production cum Welding Engineers, > 60 Project Engineers and >100 QA/QC Engineers ensures quality.
  •   More than 300 Welders (ASME, EN, PED, IBR, CWB Certified).
  •   More than 30 Qualified Level II & III NDE Personnel.
  •   Exclusive fabrication shop for Titanium material.
Key Benefits
  •  Capability to fabricate spools up to 100 inch and 150 mm thickness.
  •  Flexible to work on both ‘With Material’ & ‘Free Issue Material’ Model.
  •  High Packing standards as per customer preference (Containerized, Pallet and ODC Packing).
  •  Welding Capacity of >12,000 Inch Día per Day, Fabricating > 700 spools per day, dispatching > 250 containers per Month.
  •  Fabrication shops with installed capacity of more than 75000 Tons/year and 5.42 Million WDI /Year.
  •  Total Facility area – – 350,000 Sq. m.
  •  Covered area – 106,000 Sq. m.
  •  Storage area – 75,000 Sq. m.
  •  Implemented “above the floor” fabrication line.
  •  Centralized Pipe Cutting Station
  •  Two Robotic Welding Machines capable of welding 1,600 WDI per day
  •  TCF at Project location.

Robotic Automatic and Manual Welding

  •  Equipped with 185+ welding stations to carry out manual, semi-automatic as well as mechanized welding i.e. Robotic welding, Bug-O-Mechanised system, Orbital GTAW, GTAW (Manual & Semi- Automatic), SMAW, SAW, MCAW, FCAW, and GMAW processes.
  •  Automatic GMAW Welding System, make Magnatech, USA model 609A Pipeliner.
  •  Fully Automated Robotic Welding System with Fanuc and Lincoln, USA.
  •  Fully Automatic Robotic Welding System from Migatronics, Denmark.
  •  Established the root welding with NBG (No backing Gas) technique in austenitic stainless-steel material with GMAW welding process.
  •  Fully equipped the Rail Guide welding carriage Flex Track mechanised welding system of Fronius make for Diameter Welding from 20”to 42”.
  •  Equipped In-house developed two half elbow mechanised set up for SAW welding. Equipped with GTAW-Machine, GMAW-Machine and SAW-Machine single welding system of Huaheng with supported by EWM power source.
  • Orbital TIG Welding Station, Magnatech, USA make SAW welding set up with column & boom arrangement and QSPT system.
  •  We have qualified welding engineer with certification of CSWIP 3.1, CSWIP 3.0, AWS-CWI, CWB-L2, CWB-Supervisor, IWT.
  •  We have a qualified welders & welding procedures in ASME, PED, IBR, EN, D1.1, CWB with Material Grade of CS, SS, AS, Inconel, Duplex, Super Duplex, & Exotic
  •  250+ Team of Engineers & Management professionals
  •  CWB Certification.
  •  NABL Accredited Testing Lab as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  •  Covered and Controlled Blasting and Painting Facilities.
  •  6 Furnaces and 15 mobile units for Post Weld Heat Treatment, Normalizing & Stress Relieving Passivation Facility.
  •  Chemical Pickling and Passivation Facility
  •  Dedicated Packaging area
  •  Hot Pushing Mandrel Elbow Forming Machine up to 28" (711 mm).
  •  Chemical Pickling and Passivation Facility
  •  Two Cold Forming Elbow Making Machines complemented with both side Edge Preparation facility.
  •  Chemical Pickling and Passivation Facility
  •  Hydraulic Presses ranging from 150 MT to 4,000 MT.
  •  Chemical Pickling and Passivation Facility
  •  Hydro Forming Tee Press having capacity up to 16 inches Semi-Automatic Shot Blasting Machines.
  •  Chemical Pickling and Passivation Facility
  •  Pipe Cutting equipment with capability to handle pipes up to 105” diameter In House manufacturing of specialized machined components.